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⭕ Weekly Mood playlists in Indiemono Spotify

We thought to give you a sneak peek to our brand new series we’ll publish during the week. We’d like to give music to every mood of the week. It’s been a blast curating these, so we hope you enjoy them too. 

#CrappyMonday  Sad chill you might know, to start the week cursing a bit.
#MadTuesday   Crazy tunes, with genuine and brave sounds from all times.
#IndieWednesday   Your discovery store where you can sit and have a vegan latte.
#ThrowbackThursday   Old but gold. The retro playlist with the best Oldies.
#CoolFriday  Take this one to your parties, a safe bet for your mainstream friends too.
#Freshweekend   A unique, brutal and genuine release of every week. Just 1 a week!

                     Have a great playlist time!

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