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Indie/Alternative October – with submitted songs.

Hello guys,

We took a couple days to dive into about 500 songs we received this month. It’s amazing and quite a lot of them are awesome. Just to tell you more about our work, the ratio we usually find is about a 5% of the songs get to the playlists overall – and this time we’re talking about a 10-15% of them so hey, good job team! We’ll be giving you all the supported songs and the playlists where we included them as soon as we can, I guess tomorrow.

As we prepared the New Indie / Alternative playlist using this pool, we can give you the songs we included specifically in the October issue. We’re talking about only 12 songs but bear in mind we’re only talking about this playlist and more support is on the way, for more songs. We just wanted to tell you we’re working on that and give you this piece, just in case. Here they are!

  • You Can’t Go – Nick Shattuck 
  • Figure Me Out – JARA 
  • Tell a Lie – French Alps Tiger 
  • Hypnotized – DZonY Beatz 
  • You’re the Only One – Baybs
  • Somebody to Love – Robert John Ardiff 
  • My Shirt Your Dress – HUNGER 
  • WLN – Logan Prescott 
  • A Yacht in Sydney Harbour – Good Pash 
  • NICE TO MEET YA! – The Griswolds
  • Halfway to LA – Kids Amen
  • Lights OFF – Munn 

Give us just a bit of time more to get all the songs ready and placed on playlists 🙂
Keep the songs coming on our patreon submit – we listen to them all! 


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