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Selected Songs from Patreons – July 2019

Hello team,

Here’s the list with the 50 selected songs this month for playlists.
This selection only includes submissions from the Patreon Submit System.
The format is: “songname – artist playlist where it was included”.
Sorted alphabetically by song:

About You – Jay Putty Sad Songs
Asleep – Matt Bierwagen Alternative 2019   
:butterflies: – DAVVN Chill House  
Be Somebody – Medii, Heather Sommer Chill House
Beautiful People – Acoustic – Daniel Robinson Acústicos
Better Unsaid – Dakota Theim Undiscovered & Brilliant,New Indie Alternative
Bitter Pill – The Modern Savage Alternative Rock
Celebrate Our Lives – Radio Edit – Trazmo Deep House 2019
Dance Into Freedom – Lina Button Indie Pop 2019
Dancing – Novocaine 99 Alternative Rock
Do You Do – Beecher’s Fault Cry Yourself To Sleep
Don’t Cry – Merlot Embargo Alternative Love Songs
Draw My Soul – Kicktracks, Medeia Saturday Morning
Dusk Rattler – Joe Kaplow Roadtrip
Evening Stars – Matt Bierwagen Beautiful Songs
Felt Something – Sleeping Lion, DAVVN Chill House
Fire – Doug Panton Sad Songs
Floatin’ – More Ease, PAX the humanoid Chill Rnb,Rnb 2019
Girl in Blue – Animal Sun Alternative 2019
God Damn – Luke Wylde, Swamp, JDP Alternative 2019,New Indie Alternative
Goldmine – Judy Blank New Indie Alternative
Good Morning Blues – Kid Karma New Indie Alternative
Happy Ever After – Matt Sperrazza Undiscovered & Upbeat
Heartbeats (Amor Fati) – Baybs Roadtrip
Here – shiv Rnb 2019
I Am – 2:45 Weird & Brilliant
I Don’t Wanna Take Too Much – The Brazen Youth New Indie Alternative
Indigo Hue – ewe Undiscovered & Brilliant
Ingrid’s Song – Marlo Owczarzak Undiscovered & Brilliant
IRON – Jack Fruit Undiscovered & Cozy
Killers – Icarus TOP EDM
Last Night – Little Church Alternative 2019
Little Words – ARMAA 2019 POP Musix
Lost Crowd – Germano Alternative 2019
Mavourneen – Joe Kaplow Undiscovered & Cozy
Miami – Project Bongo Happy Music for Happy Hipsters
Motion – Mielo, Mariya Stoeva Electronic Chill
Pillow Fort – Sam English Indie Summer 2019
Sad Boi – Kayou., Zaini, Cold Illumination Sad Chillhop
Sham – Offshore Projects Indie Summer 2019
Sink – Elkvilla It’s Cold Outside
Situation – Duchess Clean Pop
So Much More – miu Sweet Love Songs
Something Good Ahead – Short Month Undiscovered & Upbeat
Start It Up – Alex Mali Clean Pop
We Fell for Miles – TOUCAN Happy Morning
Weak For You – Hanne Leland 2019 Pop
Weather – Weathered Hearts Alternative 2019
Wonderful Way – TOUCAN Indie Pop 2019  

Please don’t be upset if we didn’t select your song – best of lucks next time!
Remember you’ve got the submit space exclusively for patrons to keep sending us music. 

We’ll publish August selection from your submissions on the first week of September.

Have an awesome month!

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