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Update: No payment on June, clarifications and slow but steady improvements.

Hello Patrons!

First of all, thank you for the love, the support and the passion for music. We’ve got some updates and some clarifications that need to be said to you all.

As you probably know, we’re building ways to receive music to feed our playlists and connect with artists to develop their projects. We also opened a Patreon express submit to have a quick way for submitters as a “premium”, and to have a financial way of covering the costs of the system (that’s done already, thanks!). 

We’ve been failing to find the time to do this; being a two person team (with extra jobs) with no possibility of expanding the team atm and receiving about 150 songs a day (and growing exponentially with this Patreon) it’s clearly impossible. We’ve also been receiving requests and messages that we want to generally clarify below.

As we don’t want to fail you, we’re taking some measures while we publish an improved version of our systems. What will happen to your patronage?

We’re not charging our current Patrons for the whole June (this means there will be no charges on the 1st of June if you’re already here). The cycle begins again on July the 1st.

– During June, we’ll only make available the 1$ tier for upcoming patrons and the 3$ tier will be unplublished for new users. Please be sure to edit your pledge to 1$ if you want as we can’t manually change that. When new tiers are available, the patrons now paying +3$ or more will enjoy new rewards 🙂

We’ll open new tiers during next month. The 1$ tier will be established for patronage support only.

It’s also time to address other issues concerning what we have at the moment:

– We’ll keep doing our best on listening to the songs you send us, but let’s understand that we won’t be giving direct feedback for every song you submit even if you’re a Patron. The improved system will have that, and you’ll be the first to know how. 

Right now we’re not able to help people on building playlist profiles. We just don’t have the time and we found out that after doing so, we got bombarded with competition that used their profiles to charge money for positioning music, that is something that we’re absolutely opposed to.  So please don’t get mad if we can’t.

– We understand that you’re giving money to a company, but at the moment if you’ll be supporting us with 1$ a month, please do it because you believe in our project and not because we’re a submission machine. If you want that, consider other services related to that, no hard feelings if you don’t give us money.

We’re expecting a lot of good stuff pretty soon, these are the things on the way:

An improved submission system that will happen once a week, with public feedback and a more organic processing – with no forms and no shitty log in system. This is programmed for this June, we’ll keep you updated!

A brand new website that we’re already projecting with a company.

– New playlists and involving patrons in the curation and creation of compilations.

– Easy process to release music with us. Yes, we as an indie label it’s already happening in small amounts 🙂

We expect less text on the next updates (haha!) and easier everything. Thanks for reading and for being there!


Carlos & Dam
The Indiemono Team

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